Thursday, January 17, 2013

CONTEST WINNER-100 Free Invitations

As you may know, Snazzylime held a contest at the Perfect Wedding Guide bridal show in September. MANY brides signed up and of course like in any contest, there was a winner!

Without further a due...

Congratulations to a new bride, Addison, for being chosen [by random drawing] as the WINNER of 100 FREE invitations for her upcoming wedding! We will be starting on the design process soon!

As I do with all my clients, I'm truly looking forward to getting started on her design and working with her on her as needed stationery items throughout her wedding planning process. The best part of my job is getting to know new brides, hear about their plans and ideas for the big day! Everyone is so different and have wonderful ways to make their weddings the most personal they can. :)

Thank you to all the brides who signed up, and who knows... maybe there will be another drawing for 100 free invitations! NEVER KNOW! ;)

Looking forward to our next Bridal Show in a few weeks!