Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Hey everyone! Here is what we have been doing these days:
  1. Snazzylime is a part of 5 Bridal shows this year! We are putting a $25 off coupon in ALL bridal bags & at 1we had a 3 giveaways. 
  2. Snazzylime just finished its first international order - 1 set of birthday invitations. 
  3. Snazzylime has had 3 consults in the last week. 
  4. In the last couple weeks Snazzylime has seen 8 more Twitter followers, & the Facebook page has seen 10 new likes!
  5. Snazzylime has 2 orders for birthday party invites coming in spring. 
  6. Snazzylime is working on wedding invites for my best friend from home. 
  7. Almost finally, we have had 3 orders for the "square love" invite on the website!
  8. Finally, Snazzylime has 4 pending contracts. Yaay.
We are growing slowly but surely! #numbersdontlie. I have faith in the quality of my work, my advertising ways, the way I do biz, & of course I have faith in my friends & family to help me spread the word. And I'm always up for tips on how to further grow. If you have some for us... give us a shout!

I can't wait to see what 2012 has for Snazzy! Check out our New Years resolutions HERE. Thank you for all the support & love. If you are a praying soul, remember... lift one up for Snazzy & its starter upper of you would. :)